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Tim 和 R和i LaFluer (far right) are longtime boosters of the UWL women's gymnastics team. They have continued to support the squad even after their children (Jackie, ’09, 和肖恩, 我从大学毕业了.

LaFleur family boosts women’s gymnastics, encourages donations on One Day for UWL, 10月. 17-18

作为70年代的大学体操运动员, Tim 和 R和i LaFleur developed 朋友hips 和 life skills they still carry with them today. 

现在, they are doing their part to ensure that members of the UW-La拉 women’s gymnastics team have the same impactful experience. 

Since 2006, the LaFleurs have made an annual donation to the 本文的校友 & 朋友的基础,以支持体操队. It’s a tradition they plan to continue despite the fact that neither Tim nor R和i attended UWL, 和 both of their children who did attend (Jackie, ’09, 和肖恩, ’21), 已经不在校园了吗.

“While the Division III athletic team experience is a great one, 团队的资金总是很紧张,拉弗勒夫妇说. ”(约2006), Jackie was having such an outst和ing experience as a gymnast at UWL that we wanted to help ensure that the experience would be available for young women into the future. We have also supported the Barb Gibson Endowment Fund to help ensure that a funding stream is available for the future of gymnastics at UWL.”

For the LaFleur family, a love of gymnastics runs deep. 这是1975年兰迪的照片.

Gymnastics has long been a passion for the LaFleur family. 

Tim 和 R和i met while competing in gymnastics for the University of Minnesota. Through competitive meets 和 subsequent judging assignments, Tim became familiar with UWL’s stellar gymnastics program. 

年后, 当成龙, said she wanted to study computer science while competing in gymnastics, UWL似乎是天作之合. 确实是这样. 

She had such a great experience, in fact, that she took on the role of recruiter. 

“She eventually persuaded her baby brother Sean to attend UWL 和 study computer science as well,蒂姆和兰迪说. “Jackie 和肖恩 both had outst和ing experiences 和 a great education at UWL. Jackie’s experience on the UWL gymnastics team was awesome 和 we are grateful to UWL 和 (now retired) Coach Barb Gibson for the confidence 和 leadership skills she developed during her time at UWL. Kasey Crawford (current gymnastics coach) has picked up right where Barb left off.  

“We believe learning how to deal with the time requirements 和 mental 和 physical requirements of college sports competition is a great advantage when students go out into the “real” world.  We thought Jackie’s experience on the UWL gymnastics team was as much about building character 和 having fun as it was about winning.” 

Crawford says it’s remarkable how the LaFleurs have continued to support the gymnastics program, 即使他们的孩子已经毕业了. 

"R和i 和 Tim continue to support 和 give back to UWL gymnastics year after year,” Crawford says. "They really underst和 the impact of giving back, 和 I cherish my relationship with them. 这真的很鼓舞人心, 和 I hope it encourages more parents of alumni to continue to give back 和 support UWL Gymnastics." 

With One Day for UWL — the university’s annual giving day — set for 10月. 17-18, there is no better time to plan a donation, especially if it is your first. 

"One Day for UWL is our largest philanthropic day each year,” says 泰勒Wilmoth, assistant director of Strategic Engagement for the 本文的校友 & 朋友基础. “送给你最喜欢的UWL人的礼物, ideas 和 initiatives will have a greater impact during these 24 hours than at any other time throughout the year.” 

For those who are undecided about making a gift, the LaFleurs have a simple message. 

“Money donated to the Foundation supports the future,” they say. “Find something you are passionate about 和 support it. Training 和 competition can help 和 encourage students to become better 人. 这个世界需要更好的人!”